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Does it really work? 

Yes! There is a plethora of research that have shown the medical benefits of light therapy. In fact, Niels Ryberg Finsen received his Nobel Prize in physiology in 1903 "in recognition of his contribution of the treatment of diseases, especially Lupus vulgaris, with concentrated light radiation, whereby he has opened a new avenue for medical science." 

Light therapy has been widely studied in the field of dental medicine to treat gingivitis and other oral health problems, and it was concluded to be effective by meta analysis review articles. Therefore, we decided to add this technology to a toothbrush and see if the device (Bristl) is clinically meaningful. Tests were executed at NRTLs (Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory) and university hospitals. Results showed Bristl's bactericidal effect, safety, and clinical benefits - which were published on an academic journal in periodontology that the use of Bristl over a 4-week period significantly improved Plaque Index (PI), Probing Pocket Depth (PPD) and Clinical Attachment Level (CAL) more than sonic vibration electric toothbrush.


Is Light Therapy safe?

Yes, visible spectrum light technology is a safe and 100% natural method for oral disease prevention and healing. Light therapy has been used to treat countless ailments over the past couple of thousand years. Only in the past couple of years has Bristl brought this into the tooth brushing routine. 

Just to be safe, we also conducted a safety test according to the standard of IEC 62471, an international testing and classification standard that lays out a process for assessing the relative photobiological safety of lampslamp systems, and other non-lamp sources of optical radiation.  Brsitl was found to be well “in conformity of the standard”.


Is there a warranty for my Bristl?

Yes, Bristl is under a 90-day manufacturer's warranty from the date of the product purchase. The manufacturer will service or replace factory defects within the warranty period. This warranty will not cover damages caused by disassembling the product, damages caused by using a third party attachment, or damages caused by user negligence. Please see the User Guide that came with the product for more information on proper use. 

But please do not submerge your Bristl in water (please minimize contact with water) or let water enter inside through charging port. Please handle the device with care and keep it dry for long-term use. Water damage caused by negligence is not subject to replacement or maintenance. 


Can I replace my brush head?

Yes, and it is really easy! Just hold the neck of the brush with one hand and grip the bristles with the other. Pull and slightly twist (remember to twist), and the brush head will pop out. Take a replacement head, slide one end into the slot on the brush, and push until it snaps into place. Click here to see the instruction.


How often should I replace my brush head?

We recommend that you replace the brush head every month for optimum results. You can purchase more replacement heads anytime here


How do I make the lights change?

Please push and hold on the button for 2 seconds then release. The power button light will blink and the brush head color will change between red, blue, and purple. Click here to see the instruction.


How do I change the speed of the vibration?

Push the button once quickly and release. You can change between regular speed, gentle speed, and no vibration. Click here to see the instruction.


How and where was it invented?

This idea was conceived by our inventor and founder James C who studied cellular and molecular biology at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor and worked as a researcher at the dental school. Since then, he has spent the last 5 years to design, build and perfect the device. The device is also selling in many other countries and gaining recognition in several Asian and EU countries.


How long does Bristl take to charge?

Bristl is fully charged after 2-3 hours. Once charged, it will last maybe up to 2 weeks.


If you have other questions please send us an email to Flynn@bristl.co.uk